The country of Morocco has long been praised for its vibrant culinary tradition, and Marrakech is no exception.

The country of Morocco has long been praised for its vibrant culinary tradition, and Marrakech is no exception.
A food lover’s paradise, this place offers a wide variety of fresh flavors to sample, from smoky tagines and baked bread to sweet delights and couscous-heavy platters.
A Moroccan cooking lesson is one of the greatest ways to achieve this when you’re in Marrakech. When visiting a new area for the first time, there is no better way to immerse yourself in the culture than through its cuisine.

You’ll learn how to prepare authentic Moroccan food, from main dishes to dessert, in a local’s house where you can swap tales and age-old cooking methods.
About this cooking class and : by Moroccan women who love to cook warmly welcome you to Marrakech for a lunch at our place in the hub of the Medina, where you can enjoy authentic Moroccan food in a welcoming, family-style setting. Our chef, a chef with 25 years of experience who specializes in Moroccan food and pastries, has worked for a number of prestigious hotels in Rabat and Marrakech. During your culinary session.

When you arrive, we will greet you with a traditional mint tea and talk with you about the menu options, which will include the greatest traditional Moroccan dishes.

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The timetable for the culinary classes

This cooking class is more than just a cooking lesson; it’s a culinary adventure that teaches us about Morocco’s civilization through the tales of its women, the impact of various cultures that have traveled through the nation, including the Berber, Jewish, Arab, and Andalusian cultures, and the tea ceremony, which is a sign of hospitality and giving.We begin the course with a lovely display of spices because of Morocco’s geographic location, which has allowed numerous caravans to pass through and leave a lot of spices behind, further enhancing the country’s varied meals.

The introduction of our idea includes the following: – Arrival in a stunning home; – The theoretical portion accompanied by the preparation of Moroccan bread, the spice market, and the mint tea ceremony with Moroccan pastries.

– The production of two Moroccan salads (one cooked, one fresh), a demonstration of a Berber vegetable tagine, and pancakes with honey and almonds round out the practical portion. The chicken tagine is made with preserved lemon, olives, and Taliouine saffron.

– The meal that the chefs have prepared is the tasting portion.

The commencement of our services and the graduation ceremony.

WHATSAPP & TEL : +212 653 260 692


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