Imlil full day excursion

The picturesque small villagee of Imlil which has served as a backdrop for many movies. It is a starting point for hikers who would like to reach Toubkal Mountain of 4167 meters high. The excursion from Marrakech to Imlil is a beautiful settlement in the Atlas Mountains. It offers breathtaking views and the opportunity to observe the Toubkal Mountain (4167m), the highest peak in Morocco. An opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of Marrakech and enjoy a hike overlooking a beautiful and relaxing landscape.

We start in Marrakech  from your Riad / Hotel in around 8:30 am to Imlil. We will cross Tahnaout and head south to the gorges of Moulay Brahim and Asni, where you can enjoy a weekly Berber market every Saturday. Then we will go to Imlil (1,740m), located in the mountains of the western Atlas. It is an area of ​​difficult relief, which is only accessible by a road that reaches the center of the valley and from which run the tracks of the various berber villages, quiet mountain villages completely adapted in nature that Surrounds.

located in the upper-level foothills of the western Atlas Mountains. We arrive at Imlil, a main trail with streams and paths that branch off in all directions. Here we will leave our vehicle to have a cup of mint tea in the village and meet your local guide before starting a 4km excursion south to the Berber village of Aremd (1,843m). Passing through the hamlets of souk ait Targa, Imoula and be

Essaouira Full day excursion

Essaouira is, a small fortified town on the shores  by the Atlantic ocean, at  180 kilometers  to west of Marrakech. It is a less touristic place where people are kinder and not overwhelmed at the time of shopping. Essaouira was declared as World Heritage Site in 2001 and traditionally has received names The pear of the Atlantic or historically know as Mogador.

Essaoiura was created bu the portoguesse on 14th century as a rest for the royal ships of Portugal.  Later people of Essaouira started to major in making silver. Now, they are one of the main fishermen of Morocco, miss not the chance to see and visit Essaouira’s port.


Camel Ride excursions

Marrakech camel excursions by the kingdom in the Palmeral. The palm grove, a natural park, which surrounds the city of Marrakech, with 14,000 hectares and over one hundred thousand palms, is the perfect excursion for a pleasant ride in a over a dromedary, donkey, quad or buggy.  Palm grove is irrigated by the “khettaras” ingenious system of underground canals fed by the water tables. On this tour you can enjoy a donkey ride, quads and dromedary, customers decide. The excursion lasts for half a day.

We will begin our journey by going up to the camels to embark on our journey through the palm grove of Marrakech as authentic Tuaregs. Before starting the walk, we will dress with the traditional Jelabas of the local, to cover us from the sun and to add even more authenticity  to our trip through the palm groves.

During the trip, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in one of the most peculiar areas of Morocco, with more than 100,000 palm trees surrounded by an extensive desert. We will discover local villages, we will know how the population lives in the rural areas and we will travel to the past when traveling the same ways that the caravans traced for centuries.

Once on the camels we will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique perspective of the palm grove of Marrakech that will make this trip an unforgettable trip. Except that you are going to make a trip to the desert, in which case you will camel to get to the camp, the easiest way is to visit the palm grove of Marrakech, as it is also a beautiful place.

If you do not want to complicate, in Marrakech Travel you can book a camel tour with guide in English, which includes pick up and transfer back to the riad or hotel, for only 25€ per person.

There aree three daily derpatures for this excursionss one in the morning, one in the afternoon and the third is meant to make you enjoy a sun ser over a camel in Marrakech plam groves.