I would suggest path B which has the signpost mentioned above. If you are planning to visit the crash site, the usual warnings about having the right kit and plenty of Kendal mint cake apply; map and compass and the ability to use them, waterproofs, good boots and so on. It is frustrating to walk miles and not be able to find a crash site, I know how you must have felt yesterday. Thank you for your reverence to those who died in this accident. In 1948 there Was no Radar Altimeter so the Radar operator likely had not much to do on this flight. Service ceiling 31.850 ft. Thanks everyone. It also states there would have been a fairly strong head wind, quartering in. Newspapers, both local and national, asked not to divulge the pilots identity, chose to honour the request; neither is it Air Accident Investigation Branch policy to publish names. I had taken a bearing from my bivi site and tramped across the moor in the darkness, planning on catching the first of the sunlight. The morons who take wreckage from these sites aree very disrespectful but it s diffcult to see how it can be stopped. It is nearly always wet and boggy. Republic P-47D-1-RE Thunderbolts, 42-7872 and 42-7898. The recovery of the occupants took place the following morning and their bodies were taken to Burtonwood. As would be for the other families involved as well. their garden shed) or for use in a project that has as much chance of getting off the ground as the crashed aircraft show no respect for the men who died at these places or indeed the surviving family members or other visitors. It is usually very wet underfoot. My Father was David Devere Moore, the Radar operator on this flight. However, since a visit in November 2021, all these Aircraft Wreck Site signs have been removed which I am sure was a sensible decision. It is doubtful the crew ever saw the ground. Hiring helicopters, although expensive, has proved to make economic sense, one of the many advantages being that the moors do not suffer the damage caused by surface vehicles. Care should be taken before reading as it will be very disturbing reading. The United States Airforce Boeing RB . The moorland views were spectacular 360 degrees of beauty and the trail well kept which is a real treat considering the exposed moorland all around with some very extreme weather conditions at this high level with no let up throughout the winter months especially. It was foggy of course as it always is in these tales. We were feeling quite in awe here and we paid our respects to the crew at the memorial. You may wonder, , well Paul Taylor has this covered in his comprehensive article. Airspeed Oxford NM683, Rushup Edge, Peak District. . Landon P. Tanner. From October 2020, there was a bus route over the Snake Pass with bus stops at the top of the pass but this service stopped in January 2022. A good piece of kit is a lifesaver bottle which has a water purification filter which means you can fill up from streams. I had taken a bearing from my bivi site and tramped across the moor in the darkness, planning on catching the first of the sunlight. Much of the wreckage is still exposed, including the Duplex-Cyclone engines, wing sections, fuselage sections, undercarriage and gun turrets. At SK 09468 94926 this path leaves the stream and heads west and out across the moor, going directly to the southern end of the crash site. There has been considerable investment of resources in recent years to block many of the eroded peat gulleys as part of major schemes to re-wet and restore healthy Sphagnum moss communities which are essential for peat formation, carbon capture, and reduction in dissolved carbon which contaminates water supplies. This Bleaklow plane crash walk features tough terrain and remote moorland locations. Thats the erosion of the peat by rainfall over the years leaving exposed heather topped peat. If you can email it to me at IanDB@gmx.com I will upload it here. They have yet to be named. R2D2 aye, see what you mean Malcolm! Listed summits of Bleaklow: Name Grid ref Height Status Higher Shelf Stones: 621 m: Nuttall Bleaklow Stones: 628 m: Bleaklow. Bleaklow Head (633 m), marked by a huge cairn of stones, the high point at the western side of the moor, is a Hewitt and is crossed by the Pennine Way. It was getting decidedly cooler and rain started to fall intermittently, plus the visibility was getting worse than before, but we still found it enjoyable. View on Bing maps using Ordnance Survey mapping. This is not the work of "curious walkers". The aircraft was carrying the $7,400 wages for the Burtonwood airbase. Many thanks for the feedback Damian, Im pleased the info was useful. fantastic that you have a history of your own, visiting these places and returning over time. On the 3rd November 1948 RB-29A 44-61999 was being used for a flight from Scampton near Lincoln to Burtonwood near Warrington, a flight of less than a hour. However, the steep and restricted nature of the 1,750-feet-above-sea-level site had made it difficult to turn into wind, so that, without the assistance of the full wind speed, the helicopter had required its maximum torque to lift off, and then move forwards from the hover. For more, please see the account of a member of the recovery party which arrived on site the day after (photo above, top left or link here). These are the places Ill never forget or grow weary of, but always planning ahead for any eventualities is the best way to make sure the day will always be fun and safe. I scared the life out of a couple of kids (he he) I had me trusty tommy tin helmet and camoflage jacket on wandering out of the fog! These two sites are a bit awkward to get to, well away from the path, over a fence and down some steepish roughish ground. [1][2], The aircraft crashed at Higher Shelf Stones on the Bleaklow moorland plateau near Glossop in Derbyshire on 3 November 1948. / 53.4505; -1.8651. But of course, you can pick and choose which to visit and hopefully these grid references (via Pat Cunningham) will help. youtu.be/OVUv6D-yG1U. I have listed them here. likely due to the head wind. Ian, Heyyessss found it..thanku for you directions..the stream that crosses ya path was the big indicatorwe went milea past there yesterday All this time I thought Id been well east of the site when I stumbled across it in 2008. Radar Operator, Staff Sergeant David D. Moore. A memorial was erected at the site in 1988. WARNING: This site has become very popular with visitors after extensive exposure on social media, Patch Haley, Team Leader of Glossop Mountain Rescue Team, has had to point out that visitors should be aware that social media only tells half of the story after a spate of callouts during the autumn of 2020 to people who have been getting lost trying to visit the site. I wonder if it is from the C-47 crash site in Ashton Clough? The fragments had all gone, hopefully moved to the main debris pool. Please see the note at the bottom of this page about the signposts along the route. All 11 crew and 2 military passengers perished in the crash. The most obvious route is from the trig pillar at the summit of Higher Shelf Stones. From the trig point, walk east to do a small detour to visit the B29 Superfortress crash site (grid reference SK 09063 94874). Helicopters have been widely employed in conservation and restoration work in the Peak District, one of their major tasks being to airlift stone slabs from redundant mills to be laid as paving in the style of the medieval causey paths over the most boot-eroded sections of the areas peaty tracks. XD707 and XD730 : The North American F-86 Sabre and its Canadair version, the CL 13, North American F-86 Sabre F.Mk 4s XD707 + XD730: Kinder Scout Crash Site Vandalism. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, At the risk of sounding paternalistic, Id advise those dressed for the pub and without map and compass against it. The crash happened on his 1st Birthday, he was born Nov. 3, 1947. Like always Im still amazed at the amount of wreckage remaining. Scattered across an area of Bleaklow moorland is the remains of the American World War II era Boeing Superfortress bomber called the B-29 'Overexposed'. This pic shows the leading plane's impact crater. Bleaklow is a high peat covered, gritstone plateau North of Kinder Scout and is the second highest point in Derbyshire. Radio Operator, Staff Sergeant Gene A. Gartner When it crashed the aircraft was off course by a few miles. All of the wreckage seen last time is gone, though a bit of skinning and a new cross have replaced it. It was time to turn back and return to the trail down from Bleaklow. Much of it is nearly 2,000 feet (610m) above sea level and the shallow bowl of Swains Greave on its eastern side is the source of the River Derwent. great to have a fellow enthusiast randomly appear in such an out of the way spot. Visit this Site. Or what is equally likely, bearing in mind that both aircraft were in very steep climbing attitudes, is that, in reaction to his leaders over-hasty pull, Flight Lieutenant Green had pulled even harder, got high, and being momentarily unsighted from his leader, had collided in blindly pushing back into position. It looks disturbed, like a tractor drove through. There are a number of aircraft crash sites on Bleaklow. The posts have a white arrow on a black background. The crew had taken off from Church Fenton to carryout a local flying exercise, both of the crew where fairly new to the Squadron and Church Fenton so were familiarising themselves with the surrounding area. When Over Exposed! failed to arrive at Burtonwood, an air search was initiated and that afternoon the burning wreck was spotted high on the moors near Higher Shelf Stones. speckle park bull sales 2021 847-461-9794; bleaklow plane crash grid ref. Higher Shelf Stones is ahead and to the left. Yes a sad losses indeed, three crew dead. Low cloud hung over much of England that day and as such the flight was to be conducted on instruments. Nat Park - Peak District - Bleaklow Longendale. Bleaklow Plane Crash Walk. In this video we show you how to find the B-29 'Overexposed' Crash Site up on Bleaklow Moor above Glossop in the Peak District! I still would like that. It appeared to be part of the nose, or tail, wheel assembly and included the chromed stanchion and steel fittings. air crash site on Bleaklow photos, history, directions and grid references", "RB-29A 44-61999, Higher Shelf Stones, Bleaklow", "Superfortress 44-61999 "Over Exposed!" We set off for our adventure on a summers day, my birthday treat, spending time in a beautiful place with my family. I will get back there soon and will leave a poppy cross with your dads name on it in remembrance of him. 236. In low cloud, you might be better off taking the slightly longer route via Hern Clough. Randolph R. Mohlenrich Jr, Passenger, Killed. The Higher Shelf Stones is classified as an English Nuttal 233rd highest in England, 403rd in England & Wales.) The path crosses Crooked Clough at SK 09443 94495 and continues gaining height before turning north to get to the crash site. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/lhboucault] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/f3liney] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/29288836@N00] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/bazylek] [http://www.flickr.com/photos/andyholmfirth] Distance 8.9km (5 miles) Total ascent 130m. It is about 45 60 minutes walk to the crash site from the lay-by (car parking and bus stops) at the summit of Snake Pass. The peat bogs looked even more watery than before and the little waterfalls in the valleys were more picturesque. Seen to many accidents in my time. Im not sure its ideal Helen but others might say its fine? Go to GPS File. Approximate post code for the lay-by is S33 0AB. After reading the entire recovery report you can figure out how he died. Ossoms Hill, Grindon. There is also a poignancy to this walk as it visits an aircraft crash site which claimed 13 lives. The exact reason for the flight is uncertain, N3378 was assigned to No.255 Squadron at RAF Hibaldstow in Lincolnshire but it had been to RAF Turnhouse at Edinburgh. When the aircraft failed to arrive at the Burtonwood airbase, the nearby RAF Mountain Rescue Service was called to search for the missing aircraft. Hi Mandy, sorry you never found the crash site. All 13 men on board were killed instantly when the aircraft flew into the moor. Whats with the soil behind the engines? great story and photo ian,nice light on the engines. Grid Ref: SK068983: Time: 5-6 hours: Rating: Hard: GPX Route File: Google Earth File: About Bleaklow: . Although the Aircraft Wreck Site posts have thankfully been removed (see below), there are a few with the white arrow on a black background remaining. Nicely done Ian. My preference would be to visit the crash site from the trig point at Higher Shelf Stones but the directions provided below are for the quickest routes to the site. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/bill_fawcett] the Botha crash site on Bleaklow. The grid reference for the site is SK 090949 it can also be viewed on Google Maps but beware phone signals don't always work! The site is at grid ref SK 05844 90610 and SK 05731 90583. The aircraft bore the name Over Exposed after it was flown in July 1946 by the 509th Composite Group during Operation Crossroads to photograph nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll, including the dropping of an atomic bomb by B-29 Superfortress Dave's Dream. wowww what an eerie feeling, very somber, a few people looking, just stood quietly thinking, amazing experience, thanku so much for your help x2. Pilot 1st Lt. Charles A. Goeking had descended through low cloud trying to get a visual fix. Keep the stream on your right following the PW as it turns west (left). Height 29ft 7in. All 13 crewmembers on board were . I honestly cant advise. At 633 metres (2,077 feet), Bleaklow is the second-highest point in Derbyshire and the area includes the most easterly point in the British Isles over 2,000feet, near Bleaklow Stones. It was very good to meet you too. Latitude: 5326'34"N. Went out with Mat ZX on Friday for three sites he hadn't been to before on the back end of Bleaklow, including LX518. Much of the main plateau of Bleaklow is a boggy peat moorland, seamed by 'groughs' (pronounced 'gruffs', water-eroded channels in the peat) and lacking strong changes in elevation in poor conditions its traverse is probably the most navigationally challenging in the Peak District. It sold for a whopping 7300. But, for long flat walks, daily walks, dog, Read More Mammut Ultimate Pro Low GTX Hiking Shoes from Go OutdoorsContinue, A walk through Nidd Gorge, with its river ad woodland is great to do at any time of year. beside the moorland known as National Trusts, Maps and compass are always a great idea for rugged hikes and walks. Following the path through the Bleaklow section Stage 4 - Bleaklow to Crowden. It is unlawful to remove debris as well as unethical but clearly that wont stop the minority. Low cloud makes for an atmospheric visit but it also increases the chances of getting lost. It's also an enjoyable walk. Im glad I went. If you want to visit via the trig point at Higher Shelf Stones, you will need to keep heading north west across rough moor (no path) until you come to the edge of the moor and the drop to White Clough, then turn right. Flight Lieutenant Adam Sanders. The pilot was unhurt, but the machine sustained extensive damage and was eventually airlifted to the A57 at Doctors Gate. Time your visit with the heather season in the Peak District; this is for roughly three weeks from late August to early September. C-53D 42-68728. USAAF P-51D Mustang 44-64084. de Havilland Tiger Moth T6464, Saddleworth. This photo (my first visit to this site in low cloud) shows some fragments with similar exposed peat. It will likely not make you pleased that you read it. I was saddened to read of the death of your brother Tom. For those who dont know about your father, please see this page. The aircraft crashed at Higher Shelf Stones on the Bleaklow moorland plateau near Glossop in Derbyshire on 3rd November 1948. . I am always delighted to see people visit and record these places. Terry David Moore Email : tmoore77@cox.net. It sounds like you followed the Pennine Way a bit too far. I recall you telling me this tale Ian , great story it is too . Cant be viewed on a phone, unfortunately. In order to get below the 2000 ft. ceiling, and off course slightly by the wind, the pilot found 2050 ft. Bleaklow Hill . Also I was pleased to see the once toppled marker post above Hern Clough had been put back. I often see bits of debris which people have carried and then dumped, presumably because it was too heavy to carry. P-51D Mustang 44-72181 (formerly 'Sunny VIII') on Castleshaw Moor. My Brother was born Nov. 3, 1947. The Bleaklow Bomber was a US Air Force (USAF) Boeing RB-29A Superfortress that crashed near Higher Shelf Stones on Bleaklow in the Peak District in 1948. Cruising speed 230mph. Start grid reference for this walk is: SK 08808 92913 and the car parking location: Snake Pass (A57), above Glossop. The B-29 Superfortress wreck is located on grid reference SK 090949 on the OS map. heller funeral home obituaries, darcey silva perfume, communion on the tongue canon law,
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