I love that this is updated, but it might be nice to see a date for each revision so when a new tire is added we can skip to the newest information. In our testing, we saw durometer reductions of 15 to 20% between ambient and operating temperature, and the ability to precisely monitor tire pressures as the tires heat in your pits is a huge advantage. Each tireand even each chassis setupcan have its own sweet spot. Any idea who is a dealer for these tires? The downside to tire warmers is that many competition venues specifically disallow them during racing. I am not blasting them, I have happily worn out many sets. Ever wondered what the fastest cars are in Need for Speed Heat? Basically, thats why concrete surfaces tend to offer better grip than asphalt. If your Tire is "C" and Everything else is B/B-/A then it's the slowest / least desirable in that category. Keep going around the circuit like you would in the day race Resorts Circuit. The Pirelli was also less forgiving. Available in a huge variety of sizes, including many OE fitments. NT01's are fantastic for dry day HPDE use. So when you're watching those guys set pressures for the next pit stop during the frigid early morning hours (electric warmers are not allowed in IMSA) you'll know their secrets. Car customization is a central feature of Need for Speed: Heat, and that. 1 979 Fox Mustang with good suspension, benign behavior: Maximum Motorsports torque arm, Panhard bar, MM trailing arms, Penske shocks. Remember there are trade offs. Archived post. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Guess it's time to resub. (Need for Speed Heat) | Racing with Viewers on NFS Heat Militia Gaming Community 155K subscribers Join 293 10K views Streamed 1 year ago GT-R vs GTR vs G-TR on Need for Speed Heat |. Tires do as well or better in dry soil. We test a R-compound DOT track race tire, the Nitto NT01 vs a Summer Ultra High Performance street tire, the Nitto NT555 G2 and explain which is the right ti. As the Maxxis heated up, though, response dropped off, the tire got a little mushy, and lap times slowed a bit. You're right though, they are much better than the also super outdated NT01's or VR-1's (granted they sell 2 compounds, S1 &S2). The longitudinal tread that friction imparts puts more heat into the tread surface than lateral friction, and additional radiant heat is produced by the braking system. A note about that heat intolerance: This tire doesnt need any heat to activatefirst turn, it sticks. The Dunlop ZIII might be an older 200tw tire, but Tire Rack still moves a lot of them. I don't like to let a car likethe F80 M3 sit from Thanksgiving to Easter. The Rival needs a little more heat to work, but stays in the game even longer than the RE-71R. What are your guys thoughts? The new Continental does cost more than its competition, however. - YouTube 0:00 / 5:20 Which is better? Driving feel is a little more direct than the Hankook, but pace, consistency and longevity are all on par with the RS-4. And I agree with the comments on the tires that I have run, like the RS4's in Lucky Dog, and the Bridgestone RE-71's in ChampCar and WRLand AER. Archived post. Mostly, racing tires are only ever prepared for smooth asphalt and high heat. Happyshopping. Any feedback on the Hankook Z214? Thanks for this big test GRM! But for most folks, it will deliver lap after lap of enjoyment. Cookie Notice The points of contact of the bogey wheels and drive wheels increase this some. Another popular tire for lapping, this one comes in a huge variety of sizes. But it can repeat that trick lap after lap, session after sessionall the way to the cords. And there's really no good alternative size option to run from that size, if you go to a 225, you actually need to run more sidewall (a 50 series) before you get any options. If you are still reading this you are truly a wonderful person and shall have good luck within your entire life :\") -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***** Motivational quote: \" The only rock that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family \" - Lee Iacocca------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links below, you will ULTIMATELY be supporting the channel!!!! all these will get clapped by a successful drag 180 build. I hope that you enjoy the video and if you did please hit the like button!$20 off C4 Energy: https://prz.io/1vkYnEKU0------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Connect Discord: https://discord.gg/rKup5GMg8z (read pinned messages for side servers)Snapchat: SteadyGamin Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteadyGamin------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Are you a member of the #SteadyFam? Heres the top tire of all the DOT-approved R-comps. Somthing is very off thats for sure. Does investing in tire mounting and balancing equipment actually save money? But first, why does tire temperature matter? Sizing and availability are somewhat limited, but its still a favorite among many track rats. I've never run the same tire back-to-back before because I like to experiment, but I might just run the Nankang CR-1s again next year becausethey weregooood. Thank you for the support!Sponsored By :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music Title:Artist:Thank you for allowing me to use your music!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SteadyGamin: http://www.youtube.com/c/SteadyGaminVideo Uploaded by : SteadyGamin------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hashtags: StaySteady,#SteaydFam,SteadyGamin,Best tires for your car,The best tires for your car,Best tires,Porshe,rsr,Best tires nfs heat,Need for speed Heat,Drift tires,Drag tires,track tires,Off road tires,Fastest tires,Best handling tires [Editors note: While this guide first appeared in our August 2021 issue, updates are continuallymade as new tires enter ourmarket.]. We lost our access to the Mineral Wells airport so no more skid pad datafor now. The tire tends to be more comprehensive, improving its cornering capabilities. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Just a bump since the chart has been updated. ExtremeContact Force posted a clear half-second average over the Hankook RS-4 and similar consistencyplus a bonus of immediate cold-tire grip. They are fast)High 70's/low 80's they seem to be holding up a lot better. We mentioned earlier that tires are made of an elastic polymer. How, then, do we build that heat? Can we get a definitive answer to this question (if one exists)? Make sure you have proper truck tires equipped. I don't believe I see them. The ExtremeContact Force is a bit quicker on track, remains consistent and durable, and comes in some unique, motorsports-oriented sizes. Well here's a short and sweet list of cars that are the best in the game. 1. It could be slight or it could be large. Super-responsive, it could dance around cones or dive to apexes with telepathic instincts. After 90-minute sessions, both the ExtremeContact Force and Hankook RS-4 exhibited similar wear characteristicsnot quite a 1/32 of an inch. In reply to David S. Wallens : Kumho ECSTA V730 against the Yokohama Advan A052, [200-treadwear tire test | Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS vs. Falken Azenis RT660], [Falken Azenis RT-660 Tire Test: Autocross and Track], [200-treadwear tire test | Continental ExtremeContact Force vs. Falken Azenis RT660 vs. Hankook Ventus R-S4], [200tw Tire Test: Valino and Yokohama Take on Favorites From Hankook, Maxxis, Bridgestone and BFGoodrich], [100-treadwear tire test | Nankang Sportnex AR-1 vs. Maxxis Victra RC-1 vs. Toyo Proxes RR], [R-comp tire test | Hoosier R7 vs. Goodyear Eagle RS vs. Yokohama Advan A055]. Although its rated at 100tw, this one has all the traits of a solid 200tw tire. If you want a set of tires that will deliver a full year of use, this Valino offering makes a great option. Yokohama A052, Falken RT660 and Nankang AR-1 are some that change dramatically after that first cycle. I was having some problems understanding the difference between Race & Road but reading this makes it as clear as day. All the great traits of its 220tw cousin, plus a compound that hooks like a major league curve baller. To be frank, I did it out of self-defense, as I got tired of answering the same questions over and over on forums. Challenge is do the Nittos work okay on a damp track ( after the rain) ? And we're discussing a few other future tire tests, too. Exiled_93 1 yr. ago You would think so but drags are best for drift. Its the gold standard against which all others are measured. On the money with all points, and concisely delivered. If you can only win with the RSR you just trash. Just think about turning, and it would react. As with a racing slick, youll need to put some significant energy into the tire before full commitment, though. Like the Bridgestone, the Azeniscompound needs just a little bit of heat to turn on, but hangs in there for many laps or runs. And I don't have all the time to cover them in-depth. There are two ways of acquiring parts in NFS Heat. Your observations are spot on. The mid-engine is a seven-speed automatic transmission, making it easier to navigate as it shifts gears on . By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. I haven't seen the 1 hr endurance testing yet,did I miss it or is it pending still? One tire to work in all conditions, one tire to rule them all. While supplanted by the RT660 in overall pace, the RT-615K+ remains a popular choice for dual-duty or endurance use. I've run them for a while. Yeah, RT615K+ and RS4 are known, trusted quantities. Before the A052 stole the show, the big battle was BFG versus Bridges- tone. Triangles are most prevalent, but some manufacturers use other symbols. My bad. An event can take place during the day or at night: Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 1, Series 1", Unlock "The Collector's Gambit: Contract 3, Series 1", Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 1, Series 2", Unlock "The Collector's Gambit: Contract 1, Series 1", Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 6, Series 2", Unlock "The Collector's Gambit: Contract 4, Series 1", Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 6, Series 1", Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 4, Series 1", Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 2, Series 1", Unlock "The Collector's Gambit: Contract 6, Series 1", Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 5, Series 2", Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 4, Series 2", Unlock "The Collector's Gambit: Contract 3, Series 2", Unlock "The Greatest Car in the World: Contract 5, Series 1", Unlock "The Collector's Gambit: Contract 6, Series 2". So I decided to compare these on the Triplex Special off-road race using maxed-out Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 as a test mule. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Wow. Race is an event type in Need for Speed: Heat, made up of either multiple lap circuits or single point-to-point sprints, and take place on roads. I once subscribed to this magazine back when it first began, and that was over two decades ago if I recall correctly. To perform optimally, it needs lots of camber and wheel width. A new, very worthy challenger for endurance racers. In Aprilof 2022, Bridgestone announced the replacement for theRE-71R, theRE-71RS. If you cant find shoes that fit here, they probably dontexist. We tested the generic version and found it to be on pace with the Goodyear SC3R for a single magic lap, but then a bit of a fall-off ensued. It may also depend on the car you're tuning, you'll notice some already have the dot in a certain square which may require different combinations of tyres along with the correct diff and suspension. Fitting tires and wheels when an off-the-shelf option isnt listed. All hail the king of grassroots endurance racing. Then before I started a race, I hit start, changed my 3 parts there on the spot (NO NEED TO GO TO THE GARAGE),- god I love that trick) and then raced, then pull up to the next race- no matter what type, and do the same thing. It depends on the car choice, setup, rules, venue, weather and driving style. But the ideal ranges for even those tires can be highly variable. Interesting that it comes in 195/50R15 vs. the more common 205/50R15. Racing tires are soft and are designed for high heat. Because the inevitable stress and friction during use would quickly overheat the tires to the point that theyd aggressively break down. After a hiatus, Bridgestone returns to the American 200tw arena with its Potenza RE-71RS. Even if you know your typical pressure rise, you need to account for different ambient starting points to hit those target absolute hot pressures. I also want to add a big thank you for taking the time to put this chart together! Overall, the Goodyear Eagle RSis an R-compound that can hold its own with anything on a road course, but the need for some temperature makes it suboptimal for autocross. ago. Adding heat to the rears pre-session allows the fronts to come up to match nicely w/o the car trying to kill you. For more in-depth tire tests like this one, follow any of the links below: R-comp tire test | Hoosier R7 vs. Goodyear Eagle RS vs. Yokohama Advan A055, 100-treadwear tire test | Nankang Sportnex AR-1 vs. Maxxis Victra RC-1 vs. Toyo Proxes RR, 200-treadwear tire test | Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS vs. Falken Azenis RT660, 200-treadwear tire test | Continental ExtremeContact Force vs. Falken Azenis RT660 vs. Hankook Ventus R-S4, 200-treadwear tire test | Kumho Ecsta V730 vs. Yokohama Advan A052, 200tw tire test | Falken RT660 vs. Yokohama A052 vs. Nankang CR-1, 200tw tire test | Goodyear F1 Supercar 3 and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 vs. the Outgoing Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R, Track day tire test: Nankang AR-1, Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R, Is the Valino VR08GP the next great 200tw contender? The Maxxis Victra VR-1 is a 200-treadwear model designed for today's extreme summer tire market. Drag are good for keeping that speed but other than that, it's just horrible. They arent a first-lap wonder like the Hoosier A7, but once you get some temperature in them, theyre the equal of anything out there. In practice though they seem to behave the same when there's no stat advantage. Sucks that the sizes we use on the Elantra are never in stock or they never make them.215/45R16 is such an oddball but works for both my cars. Wear to a lower depth will also help, but may put detrimental heat cycles on the tire at the same time. Race or Track Tires in Need for Speed Heat | Which is better?Welcome to the Militia Gaming Community, I'm Trigger Militia and this video explores the race and track tires in Need for Speed Heat. Were here to help with a synopsis of available options, culled from all our years of tire testing. They seem like a decently-priced alternative and they come in several compounds. Track tires are a mix of on road and race as per the description, just try them out and see if you can feel a difference. With a lightweight casing, 4/32-inch tread depth and a slick tread pattern, it wears its Not for Highway Use markings proudly. In case anyone wants to get in on the Pyro game, I have a few good used Longacres I would let go for not much money. What do you recommend for everyday tires for 2018 F80 M3 - if I wanted to drive it into the cold and wet weather - Michelin PS A/S 4? This means you can tap the break trigger to initiate a drift instead! There are articles on the web from various manufacturers stating such. and the Track tyres are a mix of Race and Road so theoretically it's better in the city. The city is colorful, lively and full of AI cars unlike in heat where the city feels so lifeless and empty. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Perhaps its best feature is that there are some very motorsports-oriented niche sizes available, like the 245/40R15 that we recently tested. (260-300 tread width), Hoping for a true endurance test not just 5 extra laps of a 30 second cone course :). Great article Andy. I'm thinking of NittoNT01tires 275 35 18 front and 305 35 18 rear withApex 18 inch wheels for the same F80 M3 for track day use of about 6-8 times a year . OE fitment on some of the worlds fastest sports cars, the SC2 has been a staple of the track day scene for many years. We haven't tried that GT yet. Best there is bar none. Think of it as "hot glue". RS4s are always sold out this time of year. The Best Tires For Your Car! The Ghost team were just morons. I am running CR1 in 245/40/15 in autocross and so far I really like them! Can you tell us what information was updated - or added - to the May 29, 2022 edition of this article? I want to see theRS3-RS tested against rally tires and snow tires in rallycross. :) #NFS #NeedforSpeed #NFSHeat #NeedforSpeedHeatMore NFS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk5KwYqdhgg\u0026list=PLnZpZA0jjyTQsLBrpnLsKLh77AjU7cITn Twitter: https://twitter.com/straightuphippo Merch: https://www.straightuphippo.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/straightuphippo/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Ncg5ArV Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/homeOutro Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc57tO6g--I Wears like iron, but can still deliver a pace thats within a second or two of the Super 200sand do so all day long. When the tire is heated, the weakest molecular bonds are broken and then realigned by the dynamic forces of the tread on the pavement. 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It was my intention to run them until the hot weather hit here in Florida, then switch back to the Rivals. Anything less than that indicates your race car could be getting around the track faster. Well damnI thought they were there. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. GRM test to come. Need for Speed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Indeed, they look alike, and to a large degree they perform alike. Our 205/50R15 test tire seemed a bit on the narrow side, though. and our Thank you GRM for putting this together! Overall, though, its not the best way to build tire heat, as theres no sustained cornering to produce prolonged friction periods. You can either visit the Part Shop out in the world or enter the garage to buy performance parts. Standing water? A is the best, D/E/F worst like Letter Grades in school. Exit Bridgestone, enter Falken. This is the one. We last tested it in 2018, and the Dunlop ran within a half-second of both the RE-71R and Rival S 1.5. I'm having the same issue switching back and forth you can feel the computer fighting the car. Wut? The Eagle RSis predictable and communicative, but needs a bit of heat to work on track. Concrete has more texture, meaning more nooks and crannies for the rubber to squirm into. No buyers guide to motorsports tires would be complete without Hoosier. In reply to ShinnyGroove (Forum Supporter) : That's very reasonable. Tires. 4Of6zhmqiYS7Caeto8mAa3SAfcBcuzidcVHK5je3JiB6LG0tLqW2iI1l90u5p0Ga, While todays market concentrates on the 200tw Extreme Performance category thats so prevalent in autocross, time trials and endurance racing, we branched out to include faster tires that arent limited by that, We really like the new V730 as it does indeed honor the traditional, A new, very worthy challenger for endurance racers. Speaking in very general terms, the reason tires get grippier when hot is because heat excites the molecules of the polymer that makes up their rubber. This excitement softens the rubber, making it more pliable and thus better able to squirm into the tiny imperfections in the track surface, creating more mechanical interface between the rubber and the road. There you have it. 2023 Motorsport Marketing. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. 200-treadwear tire test | Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS vs. Falken Azenis RT660, Fitting tires and wheels when an off-the-shelf option isnt listed, How to make tires last longer? Really? At the end of the blurb on the Bridgestone RE-71RS, it says, "That first test compared the Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS against the Falken Azenis RT660 on track and against the Yokohama Advan A052 around the cones." Its main attribute? We triedthey did not want to participate. thank you. Yes, you can precondition tires a bit by simply heating them and cooling them without the additional dynamic exercise. I think they are just fantastic budget 200tw tire. I test each tire on 10 different cars and show you the results to determine which tire is best for track racing in the game.Thanks for watching the video!If you buy things on Amazon and want to support the channel while doing so, make sure you go to our Militia Gaming Amazon page first and then continue shopping. and if you can do it with an equivalent setup to mine even better :). Maxxis has updated the compound for its Victra RC-1, with this new R2 rubber promising improved grip and longevity. Well done to Grassroots Motorsports and please keep up the good work. Nankang lists a couple of different tires on their website that I'd like to buy. Or if you have the data available in another format that is fine too. That's not just my experience either, no one I talked to at TTNats had anything different to say about it. Now I just link this. A trick is that you can call Hankook Motorsports directly and they usually have some extras around or know where you can get them. For more information, please see our Basically, I want RA1 ease of use with better grip :) Last time I bought a set was a few years back. For more information, please see our Solid work here, JG. All rights reserved. The only downside is that Han- kook tends to sell out of popular sizes every year in the fall, though usually replenishes stock in the spring. Our test showed imperceptible wear and great handling traits, though not nearly as much grip as the others in the category. The move from the 180-treadwear rating of the old Cup 2 to this tires 240 rating, it should be noted, is more of a marketing change than a performance one. The comprehensive list is appreciated, this just might make the list more useful. There are multiple race wins in champcar this year as well with rs4 (us included at a handling track - barber)! Makes me think of LT tires, muds especially. This is a great triple-threat tire: cones, laps, daily. It does need some heat to come in, but loves living in the furnace of heavy lateral loading. I've decided to put this down as special mentions of cars that are either missing out on being the top tier cars for racing or cars that are deceiving in terms of performance. That's why the performance delta between street and race tires on some tracks is much larger than others. Played it since the minute it came out and holy crap this game is wayyy better than the last three combined. It's a great TT or autoX tire, but it doesn't hold up in the heat or repeated laps, maybe in really cold weather or fall? What do you guys use for your race builds ? Nankang was able to create a worthy competitor to the Yokohama A052. It doesnt last long, sizing is more limited than the R7, and it will put a solid dent in your budgetbut if you have the means, and your rules allow, its hard to bet against the A7. It is only visible to you. It also required very little warmup, netting its best lap time on the very first circuitand matching the Hankooks single best. Still I wonder if the rally specific tarmac tires are worth it over a fast 200tw or a well grooved 100tw. Just set pressures and drive them for a long time while they stick better and better. Hustle by day and risk it all at night in Need for Speed Heat, a white-knuckle street racer, where the lines of the law fade as the sun starts to set. Weve had great time-trial success with the Goodyear Eagle RSon our Corvette project, and SCCA GT2 racers have been knocking down lap records as well. This is especially true of the current crop of 200-treadwear tires that are popular in track and autocross classes requiring street tires. The second method of acquiring parts is via certain in-game events. Tread block squirm taller tread blocks are susecptible to moving or squirming and not having the responsiveness or wear that is most desirable. If you're looking for a cheaper car to build out of the three, i'd say the Ford GT might be the answer. But there's just a lot to cover about them. Please make the table downloadable. RB26 is Nissan. The Maxxis isa great alternative when the RS-4 is sold out, though. 48K views 3 years ago #NFSHeat #NeedforSpeedHeat #NFS It can be a little confusing when deciding which tires to use in Need for Speed Heat. Equipping race tyres gets you all the way to the on-road/race corner. Obviously I have missed some other cars that should be on this list. Take-home message: Race tires tend to be designed to produce their optimal grip at typical track temperatures. Tires have to work a little harder in wet soil, and can leave ruts. Having up-to-temperature rubber on the out lap can be a huge benefit, especially when ambient conditions dont lend themselves to fast tire heating. Interested in trying it out but reviews are limited. This one is magic, simply magic. We have noticed this in our tire testing and now incorporate a pre-test scrub/cycle day to allow all test tires to perform at their best during tests. 1. Also, coming soon: endurance test of the new Continental ExtremeContactForce--the "Hoosier" 200tw tire. I was pretty happy with the RE71R on a similar, more streetable application. Or account for it manually. Sizes range from 15s to 20s. The first racer to cross the finish line after completing all laps or reaching the end point of a sprint first is the winner. As for probe versus infrared, an infrared pyrometer that reads surface temps only will not be as consistent as a contact pyrometer that pierces the surface of the tire slightly. Price and available sizes, as it comes in a Miata-friendly 195/50R15. Yeah 615s have been on backorder for a hot minute in that size. Tired of pointing folks by? Track Tyres are a vehicle modification in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012). 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