", Troubleshooting "Epic Fail" Software Alert for failed flowsheet submission. When it is null (""), as released, all values appear. When it is set to -1, only the first value specified appears. Enter 1 to allow lookup for future dates, or leave this parameter blank to not allow lookup for future dates. For example, to get a look at all of my letter SmartPhrases, type L in . Endocrinology Select the Library tab and find a report you frequently use. Refer below for an example. You can saved edited reports under a new report name (for instance, if your organization only has a report to show you the patients that youve seen in the last 7 days, but youd like to be able to filter patients that youve seen in the last 24 hours, you could edit the existing 7 day report). Start a new EpicCare Link session Women's Task Force. Awards Product and Flows. If this parameter is set, the SmartLink will return plain text instead of rich text. SmartText allows data already populated elsewhere in Epic to be pulled into your note automatically. ; When a patient is enrolled into a study with an Epic billing calendar/billing grid, an Epic timeline MUST be generated . However, it can be embedded in SmartPhrases with all needed user-provided settings so that the SmartPhrase represents exactly how the builder intends RULESMARTLINK to behave. To find the CSN manually, have the encounter open and hover over the participant name/image section on the top left of the chart. There is little value in replicating this SmartLink. You can create custom CER rules to show data in columns (PAF) for use in the Multi Provider Schedule or Patient Lists, CER rules to be used as criteria in Reporting Workbench, and much more. Your priorities. This is useful when you want the result to be on its own line, but you dont want a blank line to appear when there are no results. Use Epic SmartTools to automate your documentation. It's actually easy to fix them, if you can ask someone on your build team to do so. Enter 1 to not show a blank line if the SmartLink has no data for its item. HARpath - Enter the path to use if looking up information starting from HAR, d AcctLink^SNETLINK(patID,patDAT,"EPT2207/CVG240","EPT2500/HAR300/CVG240",,,,,1), d AcctLink^SNETLINK(patID,patDAT,"EPT2207/CVG255","EPT2500/HAR300/CVG255",1), d AcctLink^SNETLINK(patID,patDAT,"EPT2207/CVG2340","EPT2500/HAR300/CVG2340"). CUIPAT is pre-set for patient-level SmartData, whereas CUIENC for encounter-level data and CUIEPI for episode-level data. After creating a name for your new SmartList, enter the choices that youd like to see displayed, indicate whether any of the choices should be selected by default, indicate whether the list should allow a single or multiple selections, and be sure to click the release button before saving, otherwise your SmartList will not be able to be used. The "report template" has a default list of "available columns" that you can move back and forth between the "selected columns" using the arrows between the two lists. If your organization has not created these, or you would like to create personalized versions for yourself. endobj @d3MBdk|jm j[22_~kkgqnDb=~F)Oa($oL);bkWVq*m`#(/0A])K%]L\[tX^5"aBa(&YM(e:l`fYAFHDh>/q8N\ \H8U5avp1K!uO|"-w2SEp-+H1}^AQc{G]{,.hz],9ezIci"DiX"a fA5SrG%hQ`'ufT)3dcmpv3YJT6(n21uBzO0vOXq6NmCfc[dhD.h]w)Aaj/jR@Cx[*?DRRm%@d Y2W:3DNgGM@[vJ`8#dCO;]l,*Z@M#]NE`N+3){tT]GYK,CCE/dkpO=%uQUo[V3w}. All rights reserved. Epic For Mortals - Oct 2018 PDF | PDF | Glycated Hemoglobin - Scribd If you would like some help or want to learn more about how you can implement this tool in your facility, contact us. First, within any patients chart. They pull health information (e.g., problem lists, medication lists, vitals) from the health record, replacing the inserted token with the desired information. Epic Tip of the Week: Smartlinks | Medicine Matters Clinical Immunology In Epic: Create a SmartLink or SmartPhrase (for example .FLOW[FLO ID) and incorporate it into standard clinician note templates, or train to the new SmartLink/SmartPhrase and assist clinicians in adding to their existing, personalized templates. From within the side-by-side trackboard, you can see a patients past medical history, medications, vital signs, triage note, results, and even add time-stamped updates to the patients ED course which can be automatically included in your note by using the .edcourse SmartPhrase in your note template. Awards Received If you are accessing the Flowsheet from a navigator section, you can close the section and click Edit in Doc Flowsheets to open it. Hospital Medicine Place hard stops that force the practitioner to answer a question (or multiple questions) prior to exiting the form. How successful are you capturing regulatory data in Epic via clinical documentation workflows? Enter a list of orders that you might frequently place together. The SmartLink has the following parameters which can be user-entered or SmartText/SmartPhrase specified. Browse available SmartPhrases and SmartLinks 1. @DBLINK(EPT,131,,1,3,not indicated)@ OR .DBLINK[EPT,131,,1,3,not indicated, Returns patient sexual orientation (data stored at patient level in EPT item 131). This section draws attention to a few SmartLinks that allow Builders to accomplish data retrieval, formatting and analysis steps. Enter 1 to use the title. 40 avenue de Flandre59964 Croix. SmartLinks are text automation tokens that can be inserted into documentation (notes or templates). 4) Enter the correct CER rule as a parameter for the Smartlink. af]8WQ=szScPK?N wu&Zacj m pHHh:=Y?hBDD;|$LBy4Aj !E\nb;k : M5'N*s35,iR"+^lEY24SbTdH= cfpGB9c/XNP#EJxUIcjT_C(!5q5?1\Y~',8[FNz(m$/Q4xL`]c {Z22zu>@?'?1zKcp];YtG%$9_:iu F$8PW\E>833 @Ot py7-HbfD!u5IuUF)d N%< qRnvDExoCMg HhD"!Y`ElS8|qJhc@^gP?MI6tKfM@uq}[y0mKS]|o>wpQq\G3-a,?nGo5oj+$ /''OwTonF1`H=_rOGzzbGM|oPM;V5SqaULa$5|!tB1N5$72!oAYOe Pg:}83YFte8U5@i eB,f2;5#4uoNCH-#lni XO%'"z}yc>D(5,5H0 xe_) {*2'{HgkghIQ[n7 |0 [N3eYm%!T uzwjZITvd$^+Ms)`, hVzA USH:+?| >&*]p]FaE&JW)@fz21eKhF\3-[~RZLL"x?{!zSE You should have received an email with how to access the Epic playground from home. You can do this with the @flow()@ function, where each parameter is an ID number. 2. Your technology. PDF Creating Epic SmartPhrases/DotPhrases Reports and Print Groups Flashcards by k melvin | Brainscape SmartLinks pull information from the patient record into the documentation; SmartTexts auto-populate a larger block of text after a few characters are typed. Whether its build, end-user assistance, or project management guidance, our experts can help, How to create a rule-based SmartLink in Epic, Get Epic Help is a knowledge database for all things Epic. According to Janet Campbell, Epic's vice president of patient experience, Epic's initiative to store this information separately rather than as a single "sex" item required rethinking thousands of areas of the EHR to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to patient care. Finally, test your order panel by typing its name as an order (ie: INI_CP). Click the search box again to continue adding flowsheets to the patient chart. See SmartLink description for more details. Line Number: (optional) if returned data is multi-response, optionally retrieve a specific line (option) from the data. Go to the Epic button > Reports > My Reports. Can you put in a hard stop to ensure clinical users collect this important data? Specifies free text for the item label. indicate which data property or format to return. Epic flowsheet IDs My hospital recently started using Epic, and I need some help with the customization. How to make a Flowsheet SmartLink in Epic - GetEpicHelp PDF How to print flowsheets in epic Community Promotions Next, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to name the panel (a short name with your initials and the scenario where you would use the panel is ideal so that you can fully type the name of the panel as an order and avoid having to search/select the panel, ie: INI_CP for chest pain). Johns Hopkins Bayview Users can also access other Epic applications from Chart Central. These phrases may be as short as a single sentence (eg: .hpibackpain might include a sentence that states the patient does not have any red flag symptoms) or as long as an entire note template. The link does not support user-provided parameters and so should be copied and renamed before configuring the replica with a desired print group ID and a few details about formatting of the returned content. This SmartLink allows one or more (CER) rules to be evaluated and either the associated error messages or specified SmartTexts to be returned to the hosting document. /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] SmartPhrases can be created using the SmartPhrase Manager or by highlighting existing text within a note and right-clicking to convert to a SmartPhrase. Enter All to use all lines. Your EpicCare Link session has been closed. My hospital recently started using Epic, and I need some help with the customization. Open an encounter (e.g., orders only, telephone) in the patient's chart in EPIC. }F;Alu.2'sYCt*>*p8M]c=q'D9!bT zz__O'/Y_^y+"Yt>aGR_; This way I can just refresh my smartlinks instead of doing it manually. Welcome to Epic Inpatient Nursing! Multi-data selection: Determines which values appear in the SmartLink. ; If the study includes billable services, the billing grid information in OnCore is shared with Epic. Epic Glossary - Epic Together | RWJBarnabas Health <> Bayview Internal Medicine Also in that meeting could be known, orders, charges and documentation . ASP session timed out. D) Value Type: Numeric. Director's Reflections For example, to show the number of rupture dates recorded in a delivery record (item HSB 35130), enter .DELRECITEM[HSB,35130,0. /Parent 2 0 R Enter a blank (e.g., "EPT18862,") to just pull the latest line. Thats the name of the game with us. /Annots [12 0 R 14 0 R 15 0 R 16 0 R 18 0 R 20 0 R 22 0 R 24 0 R 27 0 R 28 0 R] Bayview Internal Medicine Residency Program For example, Date: X^ where X is the date format item in Category list E4K 1010 and time formats are in E4K 2010. PDF IV Fluid Intake Doesn't Automatically Document in Epic Toggle navigation. Within some CER rules, you can specify an error message that gets returned as a result of the rule returning true.