The knives also come with various types of edges including plain, fully serrated, and partially serrated. , . ), Spyderco Military Vs Paramilitary 2 [Which Is The Right Knife For You? The program enables us to earn money by linking to and affiliated websites. Shop DLT Trading - BHQ - GPK - Going Gear - Pa. The good news is that Benchmade is aware of the issue and is constantly trying to improve quality control to bring you the best quality possible. In 2010, the current generation of the Paramilitary 2 (PM2) debuted and brought some upgraded features such as a larger lanyard hole and the ability to move the pocket clip to four different positions. You might need to spend a little time centering the blade, but you dont need to worry about too much up-down play on the blade (as with some Benchmade knives). The final result delivers excellent slicing action. Dont forget how important your experiences are. After working with some leading knife designers, Benchmade has combined state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with innovation. ! The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 has an overall 8.28 length and 3.44 blade length with a clip point flat grind plate. The blade is perfectly centered and for locking theres is a lock back. I speculate that we will slowly begin to see these companies and more follow suit and begin to make different handle scales for the Para 3 Lightweight if they havent began to do so already. These include G10, carbon fiber, aluminum, Dymondwood, titanium, etc. ]. Featuring a sleek and modern design, this knife boasts a 3.44-inch blade made from premium CPM S30V steel, which provides exceptional edge retention and corrosion resistance. Still, there are some common factors against which we can set them side by side. It is easier to exert the cutting pressure by pressing the knife, Its lock position ensures that the knife stays in position when cutting things. I currently own both the bugout and the para3 lightweight. The knife clings to your hand and theres no risk of slippage. Read on to learn more about the knives. Covered anything I could want to say. The first Spyderco knife, the C01 Worker, had some of the features that would become a trademark of the brand in the coming days. , . For Sale: Custom & Semi Production Knives (Dealer), KnifeMaker's Market: Knives & More for Sale, Wanted: Knifemaker / Craftsman / Related Services, Busse / Swamprat / Scrapyard Knives For Sale, For Sale: Traditionals, Slipjoints, "Old Timey", International (Non-US) For Sale & Trade Forums. Benchmade stakes their reputation on product quality and supports their commitment with a LifeSharp Lifetime Service and product warranty. The slightly thinner tip also makes it great for stabbing and slicing. It depends on where you live and the condition of the knife. Good luck which of these fantastic knives to pick up. The handle is one of the most important parts of a knife. In terms of design, both brands have their unique features. Weve done tons of reviews of some excellent knives to help you out, so feel free to take a look youll find loads of helpful information! To many, the Bugout is as good as they come for lightweight everyday knives, but the new Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight and some of Spydercos other models are vying for position of being the best one on the market. Compare that to Spyderco's Para 3 Lightweight - that's the lightest version of that model of the knife, and it's still nearly an ounce heavier than this option from Benchmade! Knife Exchange. - . If youre a fan of the traditional thumb stud, then Benchmade is the way to go. Choosing the right handle is based on your personal preference and how it feels in your hand. Why the Gerber Fastball Will Forever Change Gerber and the Way the Knife Industry Looks at Them Sub 2 ounces and just disappears. . The new name Benchmade was born. So, choosing the right one for your specific needs can be a daunting task. Since the knife is on the lighter side of the scale, using it for long hours is no strain at all. , . Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight vs. Benchmade Bugout. The thicknesses of the blades are 0.14 and 0.090 in respectively. Check out the Mini Griptilian. If customization is your thing, I'd go PM for sure. CPM S30V is more robust and can therefore handle more. ], Spyderco Civilian Vs Matriarch [Which Is The Right Knife For You? . And the Benchmade sharpening service is done for free. All in all, a solid EDC knife that wont disappoint when it comes to saving your life. Best low-cost alternative - SOG Tactical FF25-CP. I suggested he looked at the Spyderco Para 3 because I think the blade geometry will be more . Personally, I believe the Para 3 LW is an absolute bargain for what you are getting. One other advantage that the Bugout has over the Para 3 Lightweight at the time this is being written is that the Bugout can be had in both a Blue handle and Ranger Green handle direct from Benchmade. ], Buck 110 vs 112 [Which Is The Right Knife For You? Persurvive may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Benchmade Bugout vs Mini Bugout - The snappy locking action and deployments are confidence-inspiring. Ive handled both, and I prefer the Para 3. , . They will also lubricate and sharpen it to make it as good as new after a few years of use. In my three years of use, the knife showed not a single sign of weakness. With that said, brand loyalty and trust shouldnt be overlooked. You must log in or register to reply here. Moreover, it would help if you go for a hardy knife that is easy to sharpen and resistant to rusting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bugout 100%. The Spyderco is going to take up more pocket real estate because of their . When buying a pocket knife, you have to consider blade steels, handle material, locking mechanism, and clip style. The blade is on the thinner side, but it can handle tough tasks like a champ. The Bugout comes in the ever popular CPM-S30V steel, a martensitic stainless steel designed to offer the best combination of toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight vs Benchmade Bugout Benchmade knives look more like you'd expect a pocket knife to look. Not all Benchmade knives come with this option. ! You can depend on both brands for your survival planning needs. On the other hand, if youre anything like me the Spidey hole is awesome. The 530 was light, thin, and priced well, but it lacked in ergonomics and its blade shape was one that wasnt necessarily built to do much more than open packages. Overall, in terms of longevity, the compression lock has the edge. , . , . And the overall ergonomics is top-notch. This is me just spooling up the justification machine for one or the other. Spydie vs Bugout - Spyderco Forums It also doesnt completely disappear. Benchmade Bugout uses the AXIS lock mechanism known for its strength and locking out of the blade and allows a smooth deployment of soft cut, Moreover, the lock mechanism incorporates a spring-tensioned bar, with a track inside the handle and a tang of the blade that allows for ease of closing and opening of the blade with one hand. I have used products from both brands for more than a decade while testing my survival skills in a wide variety of situations. In case you get a faulty unit, their excellent customer and after-sale service will take care of you. 1 10-15 . The Bugout built upon the 530 and provided a much more ergonomic grip as well as usable blade shape while still maintaining a thin a light profile. Its a versatile blade shape, and it can be useful in a number of different EDC applications, In addition to that, you can get the 940 with a plain edge or a serrated edge, which means the lower half of the blade will be serrated and the top half will have a plain edge, Overall, the blade on the 940 is elegant looking and a great cutter, and the included thumb stud makes it easy to deploy the blade with one hand, Now just as will the Paramilitary 2, you can get the Benchmade 940 with a couple of different blade finishes. It also has a number of different versions such as the original 940, the 940-1, and the 940-2, and its also built with high quality materials and to a very high standard, The original version of the 940 uses the same CPM S30V blade steel that the Paramilitary 2 uses, but the 940-1 version actually uses CPM S90V blade steel, CPM S90V is an ultra premium blade steel. 7 Benchmade Bugout Alternatives for a Pocket Knife - Knives Advisor However, the Benchmade warranty comes with a Lifesharp feature. Spyderco vs Benchmade: The Ultimate Folding Knife Comparison The overall quality is nothing short of top-notch. It also allows you to deploy the blade very smoothly, and it just gives you a feeling of quality when you open and close your knife. Cookie Notice But the CPM SPY27 material is durable and an excellent slicer. Good luck! Many users also like the iconic round hole in Spyderco knives that makes one-handed opening easy. In the case of a power grid failure, it can serve as a multi-purpose tool. All in all, both knives have very high quality locking mechanisms that lock out the blade very securely and allow the blade to deploy smoothly. And youll need a little practice to open/close them one-handed. We have come to the end of the battle of the blades. The quality control is definitely better with Spyderco. Textured CF-Elite handle scales over nested steel liners. , . These included a round hole in the blade and a clip in the handle. Scan this QR code to download the app now. The Bugout weighs in at an unbelievably light 1.84 Ounces (52 grams) making it a fair amount lighter than the Para 3 LW. As we touched on above, were going to look at the main differences between Spyderco vs Benchmade knives. Two favourites among knife enthusiasts when it comes to practical, lightweight EDC pocket knives. When it comes to the combination of ergonomics and cutting performance, the Para Military 2 is a solidly crafted offering from Spyderco. JavaScript is disabled. Beyond that, Benchmade offers Lifesharp support for their knives through a dedicated team of technicians. Do you know what youre looking for? Join our newsletter to get exclusive deals on gear, contest giveaways, and much more! Choosing the right knife that will help you to survive is not about comparing the looks and features. Click The Button Below To Check Price On Amazon And See Customer Reviews: I prefer the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 for a few reasons. Use this drop-down menu to narrow down your search. Hey, my name is Dave, and Im an avid knife collector. When the original Spyderco Military debuted in 1997, it quickly rose to become a very popular and recognized model for collectors and users alike. However, some of the high-performance flagship knives are still made in their factory at Golden. The Benchmade Bugout is made of CPM S30V premium steel solid and resistant to corrosion, and holds the edge well, The material is easy to sharpen, making it easy to maintain the edge thus is resistant to overuse. Also, the symmetrical design helps if you are lefty. If you want speed and dont mind assisted opening knives, then Benchmades axis lock is top-class. The 3.57-inch piece of stainless steel is super sharp and comes with a reverse S shape. So little time. The PM2 in comparison is significantly larger, heavier, and beefier knife. Chaparral LW vs. (new) BM Mini Bugout - Spyderco Forums . So like I said, CPM S30V is a great knife steel, and it can handle a lot of tough use. I'm not saying these are the only greats, but these are the definite two most obvious examples from both companies. Price is an important factor for most people and its a good indicator of the quality youll be getting (but not always). , . Better QC and its not made of plastic. The Bugout is crazy lite weight and small imprint pocket friendliness. I created this site to help people who are new to knife ownership or who need a little extra information when deciding which is the right knife they should get. Benchmade released the 535 Bugout in the latter half of 2017. It has a bit of a leaf-like shape to it and a high-performance full flat grind, I really like the full flat grind on this knife because it makes the blade very strong and you can still get it extremely sharp (its razor sharp right out of the box), The full flat grind is also great for cutting, slicing, and dicing, and you also can get the Paramilitary 2 with a PlainEdge or the SpyderEdge, which is Spydercos version of a serrated blade, The Para 2s blade also features the traditional Spyderco deployment hole which allows you to open the knife easily with one hand, And there is jimping on the spine and finger choil to help give you greater control when making fine or precise cuts, Now Like I mentioned earlier, the handle is made from G-10 and it has stainless steel liners in it. When you look at other similar lightweight offerings from Spyderco such as the Delica 4 or Native 5 in FRN, the Delica is only $13 cheaper and you lose a lot in comparison such as a better blade steel, the compression lock, and more ergonomic and comfortable handle. You can set it up for tip up carry or tip down carry, and you can swap the clip to either side of the knife (which will make it more optimal for right-handed or left-handed carry), Personally, I prefer tip down carry, but I really like that Spyderco gives you so much flexibility when it comes to the placement of your pocket clip, It allows you to set the knife up exactly how you prefer to carry, which is going to be different person to person, Now the Para 2 sits fairly low in your pocket. . Admittedly, the Mini Griptilian feels and performs like a premium product. Spyderco Para Military Folding Knife . Spyderco has several options that cater to the budget market, whereas Benchmade sticks to the premium range. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is highly ergonomic, which allows users to cut items with one hand. The G-10 is textured, and really locks the knife into your hand when youre using it, Its also very comfortable and ergonomic, and G-10 is a strong material that can handle the tough use that an EDC knife goes through, Last, Spyderco offers the Paramilitary 2 in a variety of blade colors and handle colors. ], Fallkniven F1 [Is It The Right Knife For You? Their customer care services set the company apart from other manufacturers as they stand behind their products. And it has an overall length that's around 0.41 inches longer than the Bugout when both of their blades are fully locked out. You can easily use one hand when handling the Benchmade Bugout to get the expected cut. , , ! Benchmade - Om - D/A OTF - Automatic - Blue Handle - DLC CPM-S30V - 4850BK-1, Battle of the Lightweights: Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight vs Benchmade Bugout, St. Nick's Knives and Winter Timber Outdoors Join Forces, Why the Gerber Fastball Will Forever Change Gerber and the Way the Knife Industry Looks at Them, The GiantMouse Knives ACE Biblio is an Absolutely Amazing Knife for the Money. At the business end, theres a CPMS30V blade that offers exceptional slicing action. August 16, 2019, The GiantMouse Knives ACE Biblio is an Absolutely Amazing Knife for the Money The blade length on the 940 is 3.40 inches long, and the handle is 4.47 inches long, That brings the overall length on the Benchmade 940 to 7.87 inches long when the blade is fully locked out. Not everyone likes the finger hold on the side of the blade that youll find on most Spyderco knives. Persurvive participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. , . Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Vs Benchmade 940 [Which Is The Best Knife For However, dont expect to withstand hammering. I have a BM Griptilian and I love the axis lock's ease of use all around. They're quite symmetrical and hold closer to that traditional "rectangular" look. Spyderco vs Benchmade The Main Differences, Benchmade knives tend to be more expensive, I dont like assisted opening pocket knives, How To Close A Gerber Knife And All Their Counterparts, How To Use Lansky Knife Sharpener For Beginners, How to Choose the Right Knife Effective Tips & Tricks, Types of Folding Knife Locks The Difference Between Them, How to Use a Sharpening Steel to Get a Mighty Cutting Edge. . Through the years, the brand has won multiple awards in terms of product design and innovation. All 3 are awesome knives. In addition, I also gathered a lot of feedback from my friends in the survivalist community through the years.