or $329/mo. Itll cut thru corners a lot sharper, the ride is nice and firm. RELATED: Here's How Much A 1964 Lincoln Continental Is Worth Today. The Car Dies When I Unhook The Positive Cable. Some models also came with luxury wheel covers. Im sorry your car got hit so badly. All 1980 Lincolns and Marks had EEC, a new Electronic Engine Control that incorporated an onboard computer and seven sensors to monitor engine operation. This car with its throttle body injection and dual exhausts is faster than my 88 and 79 town cars and rides and handles excellently. The excerpt does indicate that the VII was designed and green lighted before they considered making the T-bird aero. There was only one thing the car lacked. . grbeck Member Posts: 2,358. The Mark simply seemed to have the existing Mark V body dies shrunken for the Panther platform and nothing more. I dont think so either.. Is it a Signature Series? Fax: 763.420.7849 Yet, knowing the required lead times for new car designs in Detroit, Ford and its competitors had to be anticipating the trend to smaller luxury cars as early as 1977, and redesigned and re-engineered accordingly. C:UsersSANDRADocumentsLincoln Window Sticker.jpg Wheelbase stretch plus V12 fender vents. A gent I know says he has a 1983 and 1/2 Mark VI and is title as such..He has found only two others and asked me to look into it. As an unusual option, the Mark VI offered "touring lights", which mounted low-power lights on the hidden-headlamp doors. I have found over the years the best comments come from those with true Yours is way lower in miles. It was the inline fuel pump. Sometimes it will start right up and run fine, but most times it will not start till I put gas in throttle body, once it starts it runs fine, I checked for fuel pressure at the fuel pressure relief valve and the gas hits the fender when I push in steam, I ture over and pressure is right back up, I unhook fuel line at filter turn on key and pumps gas big time, so I think what I need to know is WHAT TELLS THE INJECTOR TO SPRAY THAT FIRST SHOT OF FUEL TO START THE CAR, no I am not just driveing a old cluncker, the car is like new last full size two door made by lincoln, I only use it mabie 1000 a year, so please try and help PLEASE, Thanks for your time eather way. The fifth generation of Lincoln's Mark Series, the Mark VI was the first ground-up revision of the model line since 1972, and the first generation to undergo downsizing. Perhaps that is the greatest sin? Real issue is, look at Car Sticker, at bottom Ford Motor Co Show Car, we were told this was a 1 of a kind car, see window and roof detail, not your average Signature Series, no Oval window. reference weights: base curb weight: 1862 kg / 4105 lbs. Beemers? It looks to me like the doors would interchange, except for the outer skin. Ill attempt to attach a page from the brochure I found that shows it. The biggest advance, however, was the industrys first automatic overdrive transmission that gave the Mark VI about a seven miles per gallon advantage over the Cadillac Seville or the Mark V. The most important difference on the Mark VI was inside. A digital instrument cluster showed the world that you were ready forthe future. Track recent comps for the classic or exotic cars you own - or the cars you want. I am going to be in the minority herewhile I dislike the downsizing of these malaise cars (I love malaise carsnot gonna lie), I still liked these. At the time, Lincolns were redesigned and were selling like hot cakes versus Cadilacs. I would often catch him standing in the window staring at it. It is the Pucci style, How many 1/2 s where made and titles as such I am asking to know. Power seats with recliners. Brad Luse found the car for him on a used car lot in Albany, New York. Not only was it more compact in dimensions, but it also lost close to 1000 pounds of curb weight. The Mark VI was not as square as the 77 Fairmont or the 79 Thunderbird, but there was a family resemblance. In 1996, Gene made the decision to keep his Mark VI, instead of trading it off, because it is the last of the classic Lincoln Marks and it is as comfortable as any new car on the road today. I know the Marks flush composite headlights took some lobbying on Fords part to get legal, so that could have been cause for some delay I imagine. I saw a Mark VI Cartier edition here in town and, yes, the styling is well I will say it looks better in some colors than others. Best of the best. The Marks use the longer 108 wheelbase and floorpan of the 80-82 Tbirds though. (Merged), No snapping blue spark continue to troubleshoot the ignition system-power input to the coil/coil packs, coil's resistances, cap and rotor /distributor pick-up coil, ignition control module, ECM, Ignitor camshaft and crankshaft sensors and computer. Wish she were still stock some days but these do make great lowriders. The average price has increased by 22.1% since last year. Research, compare, and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 4 Mark VI models nationwide. To distinguish itself from the Town Car, the Mark VI was fitted with model-exclusive features (including the return of Designer Edition trims). Instead, both the 1980 Continental and the Mark (now called Mark VI) would be based on the new Panther platform. At least they didnt try and stick the 255 in them. A 1980 Signature is still on my bucket list. The V wasnt a rocket either even with the big 460 and yes we do drive a lot faster here in Europe 90 mph mostly on highways. The car featured electronic instrumentation, keyless entry and a host of other small luxury touches that were or would soon be required for a car in this class. Unique features included a rechargeable glove box flashlight, special seat sew pattern, gold and Macaser Ebony wood treatments and a complete digital instrument cluster with fully electronically controlled EEC III engine with a 4-speed AOD, and a leather-bound tool kit in the trunk. There was tri-band pinstriping. The downsized 1980 models were introduced in the fall of 1979, and at first sales were not much better than for the 1979 models. The Continental shared this panther platform with the Ford LTD. If the car hadFrench Vanilla uppers and lowers then the top was a French Vanilla vinyl grain and the French Vanilla interior was cloth. Wilfred Nkhwazi is a screenwriter, actor, and sports car enthusiast from Blantyre, Malawi. Our certified mobile mechanics come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. I thought they were the most lavish things Id ever seen (nothing like my familys 77 white Impala). Though a lot of that was due to the axle ratio the stuck in the Caprice to get the MPG w/o an OD trans. The Mark VI et al would look much better if the back few inches of the C pillar and roof were faired in a bit. Some people/companies will want a very close observation over the use, style, and design of their name and/or logo on items. Is she still for sale ? How about a 1983 Cadillac Eldorado with the HT (Hook and Tow) 4100 engine I would guess its all about miles and condition. One who has always recognized the superiority of the Mark VI from the day he bought his new is Gene OConnor of San Rafael, California. Accent stripes were dark red. Nada.com was the website. 106,360 Miles. More and more, the people who wanted to buy them were the people who just wanted something that kind of reminded them of the cars they drove in the 70s, but could get 20 mpg. Power wasn't so great 140 horsepower and 231 lb-ft but the curb weight of the Mark VI came in at well under two tons, a 700-pound weight reduction compared to the vast Mark V. The Mark VI seems to be the forgotten Mark, overlooked between the rococo V and the speedy Fox-based VI. 2 tone paint. It should have an air of exclusivity, yet be instantly identifiable. The following versions and sub-models of Lincoln Mark VI 2-Door were available in 1980 (4 versions, see below for more details): Lincoln Continental Mark VI 2-Door 5.0L V-8 EFi (aut. It's clear that the Lincoln Continentals value may rise with time. It was dark brown with the very lusurious brougham interior. Despite the much higher production of the Mark VI than Mark V, far more Mark Vs are in our club, and in fact, today you will probably see more Mark Vs on the road than Mark Vis. And by the way lose that vertical chrome accent on the B-pillar. Vehicles most likely to hit 300,000 miles, Cars most likely to have major powertrain problems, Top 10 brands with the lowest average repair cost to fix a check engine light, Top 10 brands least likely to flash a check engine light, designing phony inflatable tanks to fool the Nazis, Junked 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass Edition, 28 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 15 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 03 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 08 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 12 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 16 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 19 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 20 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 23 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 24 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 25 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 31 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 36 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 40 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 43 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 46 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 47 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 48 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 51 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 53 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 54 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 59 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 60 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 62 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 64 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 65 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 69 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin, 99 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin. With the personal luxury competition of the same years being the truly less than stellar Mark VI and Eldorado, Chrysler could have really cleaned up in the market segment as the Imperial was easily the best looking of the three. These have been temporarily saved. I ended up blowing out the windows on the mark when I was in a bass decibel competition one time! http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2010/09/hammer-time-the-steenkin%E2%80%99-lincoln/. Doug Mattix believes that right now the Mark Vis are at their low point in value, and now is the time to buy one, if you arelucky enough to find one with low miles or in otherwise premium condition. Is you Mark VI a 2-door or a 4-door? Gene was one of the first of a whole host of former Cadillac owners who helped close the gap between Cadillac and Lincoln in the 1980s. Sad. No sawed off Reagan bumpers on this like the 85s on up. When you first go out it will start right up and run fine, but after you run it awile turn it off then try to start it, it turns fine but will not start till it has set agood wile to be cold again, then it will start, it has the fuel pump in tank, I changed that, also the weather . That value seems way low. - CLASSIC.COM This 1983 Lincoln Continental MK VI Pucci Edition we have at Adventure Classics is a stunning scheme of the blue and dark blue top and appears to be a well-preserved example. Body side moldings matched the predominant color and accent stripes were the reverse of the body color. Ill meet you this far this may be the best looking 2 door car that came out on the Panther platform. Two-door Lincolns can be distinguished from Mark VI two-doors with their "notchback" roofline. The Pucci was painted Blue Flannel Mist and had a carriage roof in Dark Blue Cambria cloth. The leather seating surfaces werein White with Midnight Blue accents or in all Midnight Blue. L. LS. If my phone will send it, Im including a picture of my baby. When it was uncovered, the people applauded and we had a 1983 Thunderbird, in June of 1980.. Needless to say, the funny looking taillights were changed. I lived in Atlanta, Ga. and on occasion you would see a grey Mark or a red Mark or the awful 2 dr. Mark but never have I seen one that was like mine. such a word. The rear end is particularly bad it is as if they ran out of ideas and just ended it with a flat panel and then later realized they needed some lights back there. Cruise. In late 1980, my widowed mother asked me to come down from Austin for the weekend so she could look at the 1981 Imperials at Bill Heil Chrysler in San Antonio. When first introduced in September 1979, final cost could exceed $24,000 USD (equivalent to $89,600 in 2021). For 1983, the Givenchy Edition was shifted to the Continental, leaving the Bill Blass coupe and Pucci sedan; a coupe version of the Pucci edition made its return as a mid-year introduction. 4) specs. I believe this is the aero luxury car that spawned them: Well they certainly could have delayed making the tooling until late 83 or early 84 to see if customers would actually buy on. Not surprising considering the 305 made 26 more HP than the 302 and more torque with a wider power band. Your car resembles a 2 door version of mine. For one, look at what GM did during the same period. I think NOT!! One of the site's forums is a discussion thread for Lincoln; members of Lincoln clubs have posted there in the past. One of mine is a Canadian model with the odotemer reading kilometers rather than miles and has factory dual exaust. Then came the 1980 Continental Mark VI. I am currently in the market for for such a classic car. The car has since received much mechanical attention and will soon have a later model 302 engine. I am not sure that he was selling these cars anyhow. or a Mark VI with two times everything for $20,000 when both of them got the Eric, you are one right about the late approval of the euro design composite headlights on the 1984 Mark VII. If the Thunderbirds aero styling werent the hit it was, I seriously doubt Lincoln would blockade the fully developed Mark VII from hitting showrooms after. Initially offered only on coupes, Lincoln commissioned four designers to put their personal touches on the Mark VI. Production is certainly not the reason. Tesla owner says man set his EV on fire, and Sentry Mode captured it on video, 2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro teases two more new features, Junkyard Gem: 1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS Coupe, 23-year-old New York woman racks up 67 traffic tickets and 65 suspensions. Engine Will Not Start If It Is Turned Off After Perhaps 3 Minutes Or So. It went on and became the standard choice for anyone who fancied Luxury. Many owners used to drive during daylight/dusk, with their lights on. An excellent question. For 1982 and 1983, the Mark VI Signature Series underwent a revision, as it became available in any exterior and interior color offered for the Mark VI. Does Not Matter If It Ran Until Completely Warmed Up Or If It Was Electrical Problem I suspect the story of the Thunderbird testing waters first might be a somewhat twisted interpretation of the Halderman quote, which basically states just that, but in 1980 for a customer clinic, not in 1983 for customer consumption. On the longer wheelbase it is elegant and well proportioned. Power mirrors. Along with its high degree of parts commonality with the Lincoln line (and mass-market vehicles such as the Ford LTD), allowing for the model line to be profitable, the Mark VI was to combine both luxury features and advanced technology. In the Panther era, it was on Lincoln products only. It has that great rich-looking blue plush leather twin seats with armrest in the front and a matching sofa like seat in the rear along with one of the most touted options the 1983 Continental offered, the instrument cluster with speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and trip computer, and many pushbutton to operate the controls. 28 - 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass in Colorado junkyard - photo by Murilee Martin. fuel crisis. Then they sent them back with color samples and called it good. The next major problem is the greenhouse; its too upright and boxy. When the four-door Mark VI that Gene ordered came in, he didnt like the color. It drivers better than the older models and is OK on gas. I'm Emily, but I'm not a Saab. The revolution in Iran brought about a sudden fuel crises in February which brought about an equally sudden decrease in car sales, but not in the sale of Lincolns, at least not at first. Would you rather have a Chrysler K car with a 4-cylinder for $10,000 The Message center told you miles-per-gallon, distance to empty, had a Trip log, and monitored 11 vehicle functions. Im not in love with the VI but I think the 4 door is okay. According to the accident-free history report this Lincoln Limo spent most of its life in New Mexico before coming to Texas. Does anyone recognize the silver Mark IV in the car show picture? On the other hand since the styling proposal was done in 80 one would think they at least had a plan for a version with sealed beams in case they didnt win approval which they likely knew would be difficult. I remember the 1988 Vice Presidential debate, in which Sen. Dan Quayle mentioned that he was the same age Jack Kennedy had been when Kennedy was president. I am. Why not be fair and replace those photographs with some of the beautifully maintained or restored examples of which you may find a plethora on the 80-89 Lincoln Town Car and Continental Mark VI Facebook Website. NO ONE ever believes here that these functions were available in 1980. Personally I like the VI in 2dr form. It was not garaged during this eleven year period. This was the Aero Luxury Car, quickly modified into a Thunderbird for a weekend customer clinic. The original plush interior is in good shape. gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 4942 cm3 / 301.6 cui, advertised power: 100 kW / 134 hp / 136 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 315 Nm / 232 lb-ft, more data: 1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI 2-Door (aut. JPC while the box Cordoba is more attractive than the Mark VI I think only a Mopar fan would consider it a great design. We empower classic and exotic car buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts with insights for the collector car industry - including market values, price comparisons, listing alerts and more. The Bill Blass had Medium Blue Metallic body sides with lower body sides in Light Fawn Metallic. There was a notchback version of this generation Mustang which had a full glass window and no louvers. The engine starts, but it uses far too much fuel, He has replaced the fuel injectors and the Fuel injection control unit . This is a fine and beautiful car and hits the mark. i.e- tu-tone leather steering wheel, digital dash, different roof option 1982+ etc. Advantage: Mark VI. To me, it is exactly what a luxury car should be, long, elegant, and superior to other vehicles on the road. For 1980, the Signature Series was available in both coupe and sedan formats. Those who attended the 1999 Eastern National Meet had the rare treat of seeing a black and red 1982 Bill Blass recentlyacquired by LCOC Executive Vice President Mike Simco. If you needed that little extra power to get out of someones way, it just wasnt there. The problem would be the Mark VII and VIII are worthy ones though. All Rights Reserved. A true luxury car should be beautiful, smooth and quiet. The Givenchy had its upper body sides in black, body sides in Dark Pewter and lower body sides in stainless steel. Body side moldings were black. I have a 1981 Lincoln 5925$ Nada average retail 81 mark coupe. I had people asking me to sell it to them. That would at least downplay this area. Original & Highly Original, 1981 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Coupe Givenchy Edition. To me it is the VII that just hasnt aged well and looks like an overgrown T-bird with a tacked on grille and tire hump. Thanks. Reliability plus comfort plus classic good looks make the Mark VI a real bargain and its only a matter of time before more people begin to realize it. The flip up lights are an improvement on the boring town car front end. The problems with the engine resulted in engine failure at an early age and when the engine went the car was junked. The body colour sheet metal and unfinished appearance in the detailing around the headlights looks so bad! I am younger than these cars, and I can understand why they did not sell, but now, take 30 modern Malibus, Tauruss, Accords, hellDeVilles/DTSs and then throw a (nicely kept) Mark VI into the mix. with the fuel injection, gets better mileage and it is more garageable if there is There were dark blue accent stripes on the body sides, and light fawn accent stripes on the decklid contours. I love the Vi Ciupe till this day. Dudes drove those were view as arrived, or at least going places. Seats were medium champagne leather with light champagne bolsters. The Lincoln Mark VI, also known as the Continental Mark VI, was introduced for the 1980 model year as part of the Lincoln Mark Series. My uninformed 2 cents is that the special auto show build might be worth something on a highly collectible car but isnt going to get you much on a Mark VI. In November, 1979, Gene ordered a new Mark VI four-door from Marin Bay Lincoln-Mercury. There were 21 body colors offered on the Mark VI and seven were new. In comparison to the Continental Mark V, the Mark VI is 800 pounds lighter and nearly 14 inches shorter than its predecessor. 5. Sure, it had little touchesthe owners initials on the door and the availability of genuine wire wheelsbut did they do anything except make the car more of a Continental Mark caricature than it already was? It is a very clean car, back seat never sat in, engine block still has all the Ford blue paint. All original. After quad headlights came out, it was the cheaper cars which had dual 7 inch sealed beams. And yes, while the WWII Gen was retired and looking to stretch their $$ the Boomers were not buying American they were buying econo-boxes, or if affluent BMWs, Volvos & Audis. Add some lacy spoke 16 wheels from the VII/ Aero Panther, sticky tires and some addco sway bars, cut a coil off the front spring and adjust the ride height sensor out back. Loosened bumper rub strip and a couple minor scratches on the fender. This generation Mark looks cheap, fake and just plain bad. The picture attached is one I like! The number one thing that offends my eye is the massive front overhang. This car was last registered in 2009. I realize they are a decade apart, but I would rather drive my Lincoln over my caddy any day of the week! She is a definite head turner! Car History. We suppose we need an Appraisal, however, every Appraiser we talk to does not know what this Specialty tag means or a value for the car, as just a regular 83 M6 it is not. Her insurance,Hartford says Total Loss and value car at $4700. Greetings from Trollhattan. The 4-door TC / Mark VI have 6 window switches on the driver armrest. How would you compare the ride of the Mark VI to a 70s Continental? The four-door sedan shares the 117.4 wheelbase with the Lincoln Continental/Town Car; the two-door utilizes the 114.4 wheelbase shared by the Ford and Mercury variants. Free shipping for many products! Unfortunately, the target buyer for cars geared towards nostalgia and the past eventually retires and ceases to buy new cars regularly, as happened between 1990-1995. hi, interesting the history of your lincoln. Meanwhile, the newly downsized Lincoln Town Car and Continental Mark VI were off to a slow start in the sales wars. The Mark VI still stands out to me as special. It was not a very powerful engine, which made for not a very popular used car. Aside from that I bought a book called "How to tune and modify ford fuel injection" the first edition covers the eec III and eec IV fuel injection systems thoroughly. I love my mark vi. My 81 Mark VI does, That both the Mark V coupe and sedan come off looking like Town Cars that were hit with the full 70s aftermarket customization crap. The Mark III, IV and V were sporty, uncompromising big cars. Yeah WTF was that? Does not take miles into consideration. Not Pucci or Blass or any known Designer Series. Since it was the first year for the Mark VI four-door, Gene felt hed like to duplicate the four doors of his previous Cadillacs. On all models accent stripes were white and red, and wheels were either aluminum or full wire, not just wire wheel covers. Both engines had automatic overdrive transmissions. The overhang ratio for 1980 is similar to 1979. Whereas the Mark had always been based upon the smaller Thunderbird platform, that would not be the plan for the 1980s. In addition there were nine optional colors as opposed to eight on the Lincoln Continental, the ninth color being Silver Metallic offered on the Mark VI Signature Series only. Lincoln four-door buyers now had a choice of the mid-sized Versailles, Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Continental Town Car option, Continental Mark VI, and Mark VI Signature Series. The market spoke on these cars. I have a Motor Trend comparison between a 1980 305 4 BBL Caprice and a 302 2 BBL CV that says the exact opposite. Need that perfect gift for a family member or friend who loves his Lincoln or Continental or maybe you are looking for your own or need parts. In contrast, the 1980 Cadillac Eldorado sold over 67,000 units. (All of the Designer Series Models carried the designers signature inone form or another. ) I even thought about buying one and redoing it to look like mine but parts are impossible to find, especially the Lincoln wire wheels. If you park it next to the Mark V you cant really see a big difference in the length. Which I find hard to believe, given the (im)practicalities of what hes suggesting. I think algebra was easier to grasp than trying to decipher a Continental from a Town Car from A Mark VI and which existed when. The engine is proven and strong. 1983 Lincoln Mark VI Sedan The Lincoln Continental Mark Series debuted in the 1956 model year and ran until 1998, with a hiatus for most of the 1960s. I did just that on a 81 mark vi coupe I inherited from my grandfather years ago. Plus itll move that thing quick enuf. I also like how they brought back the white striping on the bumper guards, Many times when I start writing a CC piece on a car I have always found distasteful, I manage to gain a bit of respect for it before I finish. Ive also read so many bad things about the early AOD transmission. Who could have imagined this turn of events in, say, 1960? Customer clinics are one thing but voting with the wallet is what matters.
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